I started this blog because it’s something I have always wanted to do and I needed a creative outlet. I can think of nothing better than sharing my love of books with the world! I was an English major in college and I now work at a library and love being surrounded by books every day. There is nothing I love more than reading! I am mostly into literature, literary fiction and women’s fiction, but I do read other genres as well.

I am a wife, step-mom, dog mom, avid reader, feminist, librarian, coffee addict, fashionista.

I enjoy reading, writing, gardening, crafting, journaling, baking, traveling, playing word games, making lists, thrift store shopping and being by the ocean.

I love my dog, books, chocolate, cupcakes, animals, the beach, photography, poetry, indie music, the smell of  honeysuckle, pilates, yoga, ice cream, tea, literature, daisies, vintage things and indie films.

 You can view my book collection and reviews: