the woman in the window

28166424_10156424301228392_5523803837917298688_n.jpgThe Woman in the Window, by A.J. Finn is the latest trendy psychological thriller that everyone is raving about. While I did enjoy the book, I do not believe that it quite lives up to the hype and I have read better books in this genre.

Anna Fox is a child psychologist who is suffering from a severe case of agoraphobia. She has become a recluse, her only companion is her cat, completely shutting herself off from the world. She self-medicates by drinking a lot of wine and abusing her prescription pills. She is pretty much always in a drunken state and clearly is suffering from anxiety and depression and this makes her a very unreliable narrator.

The Russell family moves in across the street from Anna and she obsessively spies on them. She receives a visit from her new neighbor, Mrs. Russell. Soon after Mrs. Russell’s visit, while looking out the window, she witnesses her being murdered. Anna’s world is upturned as she becomes determined to solve the crime. The police and everyone else are completely convinced the she just hallucinated the whole thing. She begins to doubt herself as well.

This is your typical psychological thriller. The book was intriguing, suspenseful, had lots of plots twists and turns and as usual the grand finale of twists at the end of the book.   A good read for fans of thrillers!


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