the woman in cabin 10

81aHy+ij2uL.jpgLo Blackstock is a travel journalist that has been assigned to cover a small luxury cruise ship in hopes to boost her career. Before she leaves, someone breaks in while she is home and robs her apartment.  She is already shaken up when she embarks on her trip.  Then she thinks she hears a body being thrown overboard from the compartment next to hers and the mystery begins.

She begins to ask questions to try to figure out what happened. Someone leaves her a message to back off her investigation or else.  Lo already has a hard time with anxiety  and panic attacks and as things start to happen she really struggles to keep it together. She has no way to communicate with anyone that’s not on the ship. She doesn’t know who can be trusted and everyone on the ship is a suspect.
This book was a page turner and I was anxious until the end to find out what happened!  If I read a thriller, (I don’t very often) it was to be a very well written book and this one didn’t disappoint!


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