a brilliant madness

51d5KdkaxKL.jpgA lovely book of poems. I discovered Robert M. Drake on Pinterest and this is the first book of his poems that I have read. I will be buying them all.  He’s amazing. We can all find something in his poetry that we can relate to.  He talks about the beauty and tragedy of being human.  He speaks to those who have been lonely, depressed, lost and broken.  He talks about the state of the world and the importance of art, passion and pain!! He speaks to the brilliant madness in all of us!

“We live so hard that we barley live at all.”

“No one knows where they are going.  Everyone is finding themselves as they go.”

“Choose what to give the light to. What to give the soul to.”

“The art. The poetry. Now that can save your life. And the films and the music. Sometimes that is all we have, it is all we need. Art is the savior. Take it in as often as possible. It is, possibly, the only form of beauty left in humanity.”

“It is important to visit that place inside you. That place no other human is allowed to enter.”

“Life can feel relentless and getting through it might be impossible, but riding its waves can be the greatest joy imaginable. Ride it with passion.  Ride it with no fear.  Ride it until the sunshine goes away, til the moon crumbles and the night sky reminds you of the day. “


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