My favorite beach reads


The Castaways by Elin Hilderbrand:  Greg and Tess went out on their sailboat, but drown mysteriously, leaving behind two small children as well as the three couples who have long been their closest friends. Tragedy brings to the surface long-simmering conflicts and emotions, and the six grieving friends find themselves unprepared for uncovered secrets as they struggle to answer the question: What happened to Greg and Tess?


51ZndGYFeXLBeach Music by Pat Conroy: One of my favorite books. A sweeping, lyrical novel that takes you from the piazzas in Rome to the low country of South Carolina. It covers three generations of a dysfunctional family and the tragedies they endure.  It is a beautiful and heartbreaking novel that immerses the reader in the country that Conroy so deeply loved.




Maine by Courtney Sullivan:
As three generations of Kelleher women arrive at the family’s beach house, each brings her own hopes and fears.  “As the story progresses, it’s intriguing to see the current dysfunction trace its way back through the generations to its roots in Catholic guilt, alcoholism and bad decisions.



The Shell Seekers by Rosamunde Pilcher: Penelope Keeling is a character that you just cannot help but love. She suffers a mild heart attack and decides to return to the coast of Cornwall where she goes into the tale of three generations of the Keeling family. I wanted to move to England and live with the charming heroine of this novel and drink tea in the garden all day!!!! The perfect family saga.



Summer Sisters by Judy Blume: I was happy to discover that Judy Blume also writes adult books!!  Victoria Leonard and Caitlin Somers were longtime friends who met during a summer vacation at Martha’s Vineyard, an enchanting place where the two friends become “summer sisters.”Their story carries us from Santa Fe to Martha’s Vineyard, from New York to Venice and follows the two women on the paths they each choose.





A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams:  Lily Dane, New York socialite, has just returned with her family to an idyllic oceanfront community of Seaview, Rhode Island. Lily is expecting another placid summer season, but this season is different and uneasy secrets slowly reveal themselves.  Spend a little time at shimmering parties and lazy days in the sand getting to know this family and their secrets.




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